Volleyball players must exert bouts of strength and power between more regular periods of downtime. Any form of physical activity is great for the untrained athlete because it will increase strength, stamina, and overall fitness. But, for advanced players, endurance workouts should simulate the game experience of explosive energy and still downtime, explosive and still, explosive and still.

A rally is only about 5-15 seconds long, but it requires very intense bursts of energy. So, your conditioning should prepare you for that — which means unless you are just trying to shed a few extra pounds… the tredmill doesn’t have to be part of your fitness routine.  If you do want to use it, make sure you do 15 second sprints and 60 second walks.

Of course, endurance training should be a regular part of practice, but you want to make sure to turn up the intensity, so that on game day the starts and stops are easy breezy.

Examples of cardio workouts for volleyball players:

  • Suicides
  • Side shuffle suicides
  • Skier or Ladder drills
  • Footwork training
  • Agility drills
  • Superset, or circuits