Impact Volleyball Camp is a result of what can happen when an individual is passionate about their community and has a dream they want to share.

In 1998, Ryan Pomeroy and Daniel Kurylo met on the volleyball court at Grande Prairie Regional College as teammates. In 2002, the aspiring athletes found themselves playing against each other in Indonesia. As fate would have it, they were reunited as teammates in the Azores Islands of Portugal in 2004, where the idea of Impact Volleyball Camp, IVC, was born.

Impact Volleyball CampRyan and Daniel felt so fortunate to be able to go as far as they did with volleyball – both professionally and globally – they dreamt of bringing their experiences of working with professional coaches and playing with highly skilled players from around the world to their hometowns and surrounding communities in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. And so, they did.

Since 2004, professional volleyball athletes from all over the world have brought their expertise and enthusiasm to Impact Volleyball Camp events in and around Ryan and Daniel’s hometowns.

Impact Volleyball Camp’s first season tour included Athabasca, Grande Prairie, and Peace River. Since then, IVC has expanded its outreach to include locations such as Chetwynd, Prince George, Vermillion, Westlock, and Woking (to name a few).

Now, Daniel and Annette Kurylo work closely with IVC Camp Directors and location contacts to bring communities the camp COACHED BY THE PROS year after year. We are grateful for the support we receive from our friends and family in Canada and around the world, and are excited about where the dream is headed!

We hope you’ll join us year after year on that journey.


IVC’s original pro coaches photographed above from left to right:

Ryan PomeroyDaniel Kurylo, Ross Ballard, Nathan Bennett, and Doug Bruce.