IVC Cares

IVC Cares is about bringing the volleyball community together. It’s about sponsoring players who would not be able to attend a camp without assistance. It’s about hosting players who would not be able to attend without a place to stay near a scheduled camp. It’s about reaching out to others, being involved, caring about the community, and just being cool like that!

Join us in helping others in your community get COACHED BY THE PROS!

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IVC Cares Application Form

IVC Cares Athlete Nomination Form

It’s extremely easy to contribute to IVC Cares. Just click on the registration link above, choose your contribution amount, and proceed to the online checkout.

All sponsorships must be submitted by June 15th to be applied to camps in July and August of the same year.  Any sponsorship funds collected after June 15th will sponsor players the following year.

The number of sponsorships awarded is completely dependent on community involvement. The more the community gets involved, the more awards IVC can grant.

  • Contribute $50-100 and receive an IVC water bottle.
  • Contribute $101-150 and receive an IVC camp t-shirt.
  • Contribute $151 or more and receive both of the above gifts.

IVC will match contributions up to $2400 – equivalent to 6 players, or 1 player per location.

If you are as passionate about volleyball as we are, but need a little help getting to camp, you can apply for sponsorship through IVC Cares! Download the IVC Cares sponsorship application form and submit it to annette@impactvolleyballcamp.com by June 15th.

  • Tell us why you want to participate in IVC.
  • Tell us what your goals are as a volleyball player.
  • Tell us what community means to you.

Applications will then be reviewed and sponsorships awarded by June 30th for camp attendance in July and August of the same year.

Applying for sponsorship does not automatically secure a spot at camp because awards are granted based on  the total amount of community contributions plus the IVC matching amount.

Applications will be review in the order they are received.


Host Family Invitation Form


Host Family Request Form

Be a host family for a long-distance player and receive $100 off your athlete’s registration!

If you’ve got the compassion in your heart and the space in your home to host a player who lives too far from a scheduled camp, the Impact Volleyball Camp will help match your invitation to an athlete’s request for a host family… and we’ll give you a $100 off your paid registration.

To host a player, submit your invite to annette@impactvolleyballcamp.com by June 1st.

Do you want to attend Impact Volleyball Camp this year, but live too far from one?

Send us your request for a host family, and IVC will try to find a match between your the information you provide and a host family’s invitation information. If we find a match, we will put you (well, your parents) in touch with each other to make further agreements and arrangements.

To stay with a host family, submit your request to annette@impactvolleyballcamp.com by June 1st.

Impact Volleyball Camp proudly donates an annual contribution to the
Tim Pomeroy Memorial Volleyball Award at Grande Prairie Regional College.