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Whether it’s volleyball season or not, whether you are on the court of off, every choice you make about your habits counts!  Showing up for practice is only half the battle to becoming the best volleyball player you can be.  The rest of the battle depends on your approach to food, fitness, challenges, and commitments.

Your attitude towards daily food and fitness, your approach to taking on challenges and sticking with commitments, your integrity for showing up for yourself and the team (in any situation — be it a study group or a family function), and remembering that you can always start over with implementing new habits if you need are all elements that will greatly impact your performance on the court and in life.

IVC has put together some helpful resources for you to get to know the game better — and maybe get to know yourself better in terms of being the healthiest you you can be.

volleyball player practice active volleyball player volleyball player nutrition volleyball player 101


Take as much as you’d like and leave the rest. You know you can always bring all of your questions with you to the next Impact Volleyball Camp near you!