Alexander Bell-Moratto

Alexander Bell-Moratto - IVC 10 Pro Coach 









Hometown: Grande Prairie, Alberta


University career:

  • Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, AB
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Pro career: 

  •  Holte VC     2013-2014 (Denmark)
  •  Prins VCV   2014-2015 (Netherlands)

A little extra:

  • Alex is an opposite.
  • His favorite drill is wash… or anything with game play.
  • In his spare time Alex enjoys reading.
  • Alex’s favorite place in the world is Prague, Czech Republic.

Alex says:

“Every coach has something to teach you. Learn from each one, building off their strengths. Everything I got in my career is because I worked harder on and off the court. Coaches like keeners.”

Motivational quote:

“Success leaves clues”

IVC 10 and 11