Andréa Jacobsson

Andréa Jacobsson 











Hometown: Halmstad, Sweden


Club/Pro career: 

  • IF Halmstad Volley       1997-2003   (Sweden)
  • RIG Falköping               2003-2006  (Sweden)
  • Junior National Team  2003-2006  (Sweden)
  • Sollentuna VK                2006-2009  (Sweden)
  • Senior National Team  2007              (Sweden)
  • Engelholm VS                2009-2012   (Sweden)
  • Vannes Volleyball          2012-2013   (France)
  • Stella Calais                    2013-2014    (France)
  • Katrineholms VK           2014-2015   (Sweden)
  • Hylte/Halmstad volley  2015-           (Sweden)

A little extra:

  • Andréa plays opposite (and middle every once in a while), but has played position 4 as well.
  • Her favorite drill is Swedish two-ball (“for sure!!”).
  • In her spare time Andréa enjoys spending time with friends and family, having coffee, eating good food, and just chilling. She’s love horseback riding for over 20 years, and even works as a ridning instructor.
  • Andréa’s favorite place in the world is

Andréa says:

“Life is easy if you wear a smile.”

Motivational quote:

“Individuals play the game, but teams win championship”

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