Brook Sedore

Brook Sedore IVC 9 Pro CoachCOACHED BY THE PROS Hometown: Grande Prairie, AB

University career:

  • University of Hawaii

Pro career: 

  • Junior National Team (Canada)

A little extra:

  • Brook is an outside hitter
  • His favorite drill is hitting warm-ups
  • In his spare time Brook enjoys body surfing, having a good time with the boys, and he says, “I also enjoy a nice pair of slacks”.
  • Brook’s most memorable place is Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • Brook is a former Impact Volleyball Camp athlete

Brook says:

“If you can be discipline and treat your mother with love and respect, you will live a fantastic life!”

Motivational quote:

“I’m sick of hearing about money, money, money! I just wanna play basketball, wear Reebok, drink Pepsi.”  ~ Shaq