Ellen Orchard

COACHED BY THE PROS Hometown: Houston, Texas

University career:

  • Middle Blocker at the University of California, Berkeley – 2004-2009

Pro career: 

  • VC Kanti Schaffhausen, Switzerland 2009-2012

A little extra:

  • Ellen is a middle blocker
  • Her favorite drill is 4v4 backrow attack. “Because I never get to hit like that in a game
  • In her spare time Ellen enjoys cooking, music, photography, sketching, taking really long naps
  • The most memorable places she’s been is anywhere in Northern California

Ellen says: 

“If you are the best player on the court or the worst, always let your heart and passion for the game shine through your play.”

Motivational quote: 

“If you cannot win, make the one ahead of you break the record.”