Marcelo Baretto

Marcelo Baretto

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Played For: 

  • ULBRA (Brazil)
  • Associação dos Antigos Alunos (Portugal)
  • Castelo da Maia (Portugal)
  • Omniworld (Netherlands)
  • ACH (Slovenia)
  • Poitiers (France)


Marcelo is living in Brasília in the Distrito Federal state. He is in his second year of school for environmental engineering.

A little extra about Marcelo:

“My favorite memory is the overall contact with the coaches and the campers. It gave me a good insight on life in Canada and how people relate. This is a major interest in life to me to experience other cultures environments. I also really enjoyed the presentation game we had against the Canadian junior national team, it was very relaxed and everybody had a really good time.”