Michael Amoroso

IVC 10 Pro Coach Michael Amoroso 













Hometown: Toronto, ON


University career:

  • Queen’s University, Toronto, ON

Pro career: 

  • Junior National Team                         2008-2009 (Canada)
  • Orkelljunga Volleyball Club               2012-2013 (Sweden)
  • Panathinaikos Athletic Club              2013-2014  (Greece)
  • Chemie Volley Mitteldeutschland    2014-2015 (Germany)

A little extra:

  • Michael is a middle blocker
  • His favorite drill is Touch 6. This is where coaches toss balls in various directions, and two people have to touch every ball until they get to six. He says it, “really gets players working hard”!
  • In his spare time Michael will play any sport. “As soon as a game gets going I want to jump in. Any Playstation 3 games are guaranteed to keep me busy for weeks!”
  • Michael’s favorite place in the world will always be Toronto. “Home of the best sports teams in the world!”

Michael says:

“I believe that if you have the opportunity to pursue something you love, you owe it to yourself to give it 100% and go as far as you can with it.”

Motivational quote:

Don’t get mad, get better.


IVC 9, 10 & 11